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Turmeric Facial and Body Scrub

Turmeric Facial and Body Scrub

Our Turmeric Facial and Body Scrub is packed with natural ingredients that will leave your skin soft and glowing.

This scrub is amazing for those who suffer with dry dull skin. Our Turmeric scrub is packed with organic skin loving oils which will give you smooth and moisturized skin from the very first use.

Turmeric is a great natural ingredient that help with skin discoloration overtime.

Remember being consistent is key.


16 ounce body and facial scrub.


Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Turmeric Powder

Organic Fresh Lemon Juice

Organic Raw Honey

Vitamin E Oil

Organic Almond Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil

Best for All Skin Type

✅Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

✅dull skin

✅ super moisturizing

✅radiant skin

✅ Remove dark Spots / dry skin

Can be used on full body, inner thighs, knees and underarms, face

Please Do not use after shaving or waxing.

Disclaimer: **This product is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please read our list of ingredients and do not use if they may trigger a reaction. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. Please consult with a healthcare provider if you have questions about a particular health condition. Information on this website has not been evaluated or approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

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