Sage Smudge Sticks

Sage Smudge Sticks

Cleansing with the smoke of our Sage sticks is a wonderful thing to do when moving into a new home, after an argument, after illness, if you suspect danger, or just to revitalize your space.

You can smudge your home, work place, car, yoga studio, yourself, pets, or loved ones. 

White Sage also known as the sacred sage, has been used by our ancestors for centuries for spiritual practices such as meditation, cleansing of homes/sacred areas, balancing chakras, and removing negative energy from auras.

When burning, set an intention and speak love, light, and healing in and around your home to remove any attached negative or stagnant energy to you, your family, and your sacred area. Make sure area is well ventilated. Once cleansing is done, extinguish smudge stick. Repeat process on your next cleansing and meditation session, You can also use smudge stick to cleanse your crystals and stones in the same manner.
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